The history of the development of reducer industryThroughout the course of development of China's reducer, since the 1980s, due to the all-round development of the technology of the world, the production technology of gear reducer in China is relatively mature. During this period, our the reducer industry has gone through a long process mens high heels of development, from the blind imitation of types of foreign worm gear reducer technology applications to the christian louboutin shoes independent design, and now the wide use of a variety of new technologies make our own design and manufacturing capabilities can meet the basic domestic needs, to speed up the pace of development of the industry reducer. The large scale of China reducer industryDue to the impact of the economic crisis, many reducer equipments which are ready for export quickly move the goal to the domestic market, which has brought tremendous competitive pressure to the reducer market, and the China reducer industry enterprises put forward higher requirements on the quality of their products. In addition, with the energy saving and environmental protection has become the common topic in the world, and the reducer enterprise is launched to the R & D and production of environmentally friendly reducer.As we all know, the machinery and equipment industry in China in the past were based on extensive production mode, while in recent years, with the scarcity of various types of energy, enterprises gradually found that this mode of production is not suitable for the sustainable development policy wedge shoes and also does not have much development prospects. So we seek other ways of production, and the reducer industry has committed to building energy saving mode of production, and gradually became a relatively mature enterprise system. Large worm gear speed reducer consume more materials, and the work power consumption will also increase, therefore reducer producers begin moving equipment to the international trends to peacock high heels develop simple, lightweight, environmentally friendly reducer in the market, in order to open up the market competitiveness and increase the corporate brand.In summary, the development of our reducer industry is rapid, However, because most of the enterprises are the introduction of foreign advanced technology research and development of products, the production mode is similar, and therefore a unique device must be equipped in the fierce market competition and was sufficient to occupy the industry market, and environmentally friendly reducer is undoubtedly one of the goals of the development of the industry now, supposed to calm in the face of various enterprises and in the face of fierce market competition, and take appropriate measures in accordance with their respective enterprise production system, speeding up the pace of cheap shoes online product innovation is bound to break through the bottleneck.www.gearspeedreducer.com (formerly Zhujiang Reduction Machinery Factory), is the largest professional manufacturer of decelerators including gear reducers like worm speed reducer, bevel speed reducer and helical reducer etc. in South China. (Gear reducer is also known as speed reducer, gearbox)
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